The action of ending a connection or relationship.

”the severance and disestablishment of the Irish Church”

Dismissal or discharge from employment.

”employees were offered severance terms”

Short for severance pay


Severance is a wine & fondue bar located on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles specializing in the champagne punch, cheese & dessert fondue, and terroir-driven, esoteric wines from throughout the world.

Opened by Wine Director & Owner, Evan Charest, Severance was created after Evan was laid off from his corporate job and used his severance pay to open the bar. Taking humor from his own time inside a bureaucratic minefield and his unfortunate Christmas-timed departure, Severance is an unexpectedly playful, darkly-themed approach to a classic wine bar.

Our cuisine is distinctly Québécois with a selection of Montreal classics from Poutine and Tourtières to a Québec-Swiss hybrid of Cheese Fondues.